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By Daniela and Bernardo

By Daniela and Bernardo

Dear Marino, Dear Elide,
Not even four weeks have passed since we were at L’Aperegina and yet it feels like an eternity, as if it were light years away. Daily life has swallowed us up again, like a sort of chasm at whose bottom runs stress, obligations, worries and that feeling of “living in the wrong movie”, as they say in Germany. How I miss the peace of your way of life!
Even though every thing seems to be working against me, I havn’t abandoned the idea of choosing another life style, one similar to your own.
It’s like wresting a windmill, sometimes I feel as if it will crush me, but for now I can resist it.
I pray only that Bernd can tolerate this situation a little longer that for him is unbearable, and that he understands that his inability to tolerate it derives also from the unnaturalness of our present life. Living in the city is a little like a drug, detaching oneself and abandoning family and friends becomes acceptable when the suffering has reached an unacceptable level.

And how are you guys? Above all, how is Marino’s swollen foot? Oh, Marino, I’ve been thinking of you a lot lately. Though I wasn’t able to help you much, I hope I at least gave you a starting point. But  that which I appreciated most about you was your sincerity and immediate willingness to discuss the habits from which the problem could have originated. I don’t know if your problem with gout has been resolved but indipendant of that your attitude towards it was a rare one…you demonstrated an unusual flexibility of mind, so unusual, in fact, that – though it may seem strange to you – it gave me great joy. It was perhaps the first time since I began my studies in Natural Medicine that someone who up to then was a stranger to me gave me what I would define as an unconditional trust, without fear or prejudice, without ifs, ands or buts. It has been wonderful and I thank you for it.

Of L’Aperegina I remain impressed with your many faces: the dining room and communal dinners, the wood-burning oven and the fabolous pizzas, the herb garden, the sheep out to pasture, the treehouse, the lookout with the fantastic view of the hills below, the fireflies, the hammock, the ping pong table, the little house full of Australian souvenirs and remembrances examined from top to bottom…But inspite of all this they are all aspects that alone could not have rendered our vacation so unique. To those who want to understand the “surplus value” of L’Aperegina, I would say that it’s you two, your genuine spirit, your disarming sincerity, your desire to give – to who ever visits you – unforgettable moments. Whit us you have definitely succecded.

Let us hear from you every so often, it would give us great pleasure.
A hug,

Daniela (e Bernardo)