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By Lidia

By Lidia

It was so beautiful to hear from Marino! My friend Marino.

Here it is raining, actually it has been pouring for four days not stop. It’s not that I don’t like the rain, on the contrary, I dedicate moments listening to it, mainly because it has the gift of sweetening my thoughts and to give me creativity and advice…. not bad I would say! I hope instead that you are accompanied by beautiful days (after all you have to be there until December). I wonder how many of them are with you today, which itinerary that you will suggest and above all, at the end of the day, your guest’s opinions…. how beautiful, what a sweet envy! Here, like you could imagine, I went back deeply and quickly into the Milanese rhythm…. work, traffic. Lots of traffic. To much traffic! I hate the milanese rhythm and the funniest thing of all, is that I’m part of it, is not like at the Ape Regina where you have the luxury to wake up at sunrise, and breathe deep inside of you the sweetness of silence.

So many beautiful memories Marino, how much I miss that peace. The emotions, the beautiful people, in one week I experienced Elide’s wonderful sweetness, the strength, the love for life of the two fantastic grandparents, my grandparents from Abruzzo, Mario e Antonietta, the friendship value of Mario, the tenderness between Lello e Martina. The chase between the ducks to see who will secure more food, your unexpected break dedicated to look at the sky, the sun, a fruit, to breathe serenity, your wisdom…Damm the misery!!! That’s ok, I don’t have to be sad, on the contrary I have to consider myself fortunate to be able to keep in the heart, that life experience that for sure I will repeat, perhaps soon who knows, my birthday is close. You can’t even start to imagine how much I gained from knowing you and your lifestyle. With you, the experience of your simplicity and truth of being, now you are in to my heart, you all are in my heart would you say that I’m exaggerating?

A big salute to you Marino and a very strong hug to that magnificent place that you named: Ape Regina

Your Lidia

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