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By Luciano

By Luciano

Dear Marino we left a week ago, but the nostalgia for Ape Regina quickly arrived. We had a great time and we will comeback for sure. Greetings to you and Elide, for taking us into your care Daniele, Giovanna, Federico and little Valerio… or you uncovered the poete in you, like has happened to…

The enchantment of life

Among the sleeping mountains and the sunny hills
From the warmth… of time that passes
There is a place that enchants life
Where it will never end
From that place I look around
The heights in front of me
Make me understand why
The hill does the rest
To make one understand who is not here
The value that is here
Above all, of life
That never will be understood

To the Ape Regina with love, Giuseppe

Up there life is a dream…

There is a place on the mountain
Where in the light of the morning
One see’s the sun, rising from the sea breeze…
Where the animals have a name
Where the birds sings in the air
and the squirrels walk on roofs
Where the flower smile to you
And the green meadow become your carpet
Where to sleep, among the wine leaves or the almond tree leaves, is a dream
Where one eats good food from the land
Made with love and fantasy
From the hands of man
Where the only regret
Is not to see
The little house on the almond tree